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2021 New Product to Monitor and Track Eating Behaviors Using AI, Machine Learning and Digital Health Technologies

Mobile Software Application for the Portion Reducer and Portiongenics Weight Management 

Excelolife is in the process of developing software for a mobile app,  utilizing the Portion Reducer Gradual Portion Reduction Method and Portiongenics Weight Management System.

Our ground-breaking PortionEatSmart App. will help control portion size in stages whether you are at home, work, or school. It's a portion control, weight management program app. that does the work for you in just a click.

 AI Machine Learning will help increase positive behavior changes in adults.  AI (Machine Learning)  will offer a wide variety of tools to self-monitor dietary intake, eating behaviors and physical activity.  It's a great new way to weight control.

Using Smart Devices to Monitor and Track Eating Behaviors using Portiongenics Weight Management System

Using smart devices and wearables to monitor and track eating behaviors and physical activity will help adults eat healthy  and maintain a healthy weight.

Our PortionEatSmart App. will help adults  make healthy food choices,  exercise, change unhealthy eating behaviors and set realistic weight management goals.

Excelolife will continue to innovate and make technological advances in helping people stay healthy.


 Portion Reducer and Portiongenics

Digital Health Technology

Excelolife's goal is to develop and implement technology-based strategies to impact and promote behavioral health. We believe our products and weight management program have the right behavior change strategies in transforming the delivery of behavioral health care.

We use therapeutic approaches and technology-based intervention to facilitate behavior changes in patients that promotes healthy diet, physical activity and weight control.

We have now incorporated Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality Therapy to help patients with coping skills, social-emotional support, positive feedback, social reinforcement, effective problem solving skills, engaging and effective monitoring and 

self-management interventions, lifestyle change education, skill training and therapeutic support.

2018 Product Innovation

Introducing: Excelolife's New

Method for Weight Management and Maintenance

Few people have the self-control to stick with a diet plan long enough to achieve permanent weight-loss. A review of the scientific literature dealing with weight-loss reveals that people who have initial success are usually unsuccessful in permanently maintaining their desired body size. 

We are proud to be the first weight management company to develop a scientific weight management scale that is customized to meet the needs of obese and overweight individuals as well as individuals suffering from eating disorders. Our scientific weight management/maintenance scale provides:

  • Behavioral modification approach, which involves making gradual adjustments in eating and exercise habits.
  • A realistic method to attain weight loss and weight-gain proceeding from sensible and obtainable goals at the start of program.
  • Gradual Portion Reduction approach for long-term weight-loss
  • Gradual Portion Restoration approach for long-term weight-gain
  • Portion control/sizing, caloric reduction, and physical activity performed routinely offer an effective approach to weight control.
  • Excelolife will continue to make new discoveries to help obese, overweight, and underweight individuals permanently maintain their desired body size.

2017 New Products to Control Craving and Appetite

We are in the developmental phase of a novel behavioral health, technology-based intervention to help patients control their appetite and cravings. We have found an efficient and effective means by which to monitor patient's health and deliver behavior health interventions integrating multiple Artificial Intelligence technologies into a single application that emulate human eating behaviors and deliver essential interventions to efficiently and effectively respond to the health needs of patients. Using AI application, data analyses and visualization patients will receive personal and medical information on demand and in real-time.

Emotional eating can cause intensive cravings or obsessions for food. Our company have developed a new product and method to control an individual's appetite, cravings and feelings of hunger.

We know that energy restriction is associated with increase feelings related to hunger and it appears to intensify when obese individuals attempt to lose weight.

Several lines of evidence suggest that a high intake of dietary fat is a strong promoter of obesity and weight gain. By controlling the intake of bad snacks and food high in fat, both associated with craving, emotional eating as well as impulsive eating, individuals will be able to control excess energy intake and weigh-loss.

Our new innovative product will enhance the Portion Reducer  in helping individual control their carving, appetite and weight. If you are interested to learn more about our products and weight management program please contact me at

At Excelolife, we know that digital health and digital technologies  hold unique opportunities to deliver effective and high quality behavior health interventions.

Using AI and Digital Technology, we believe our products and weight management program have the essential elements to provide an effective behavior health intervention program in helping individuals to achieve a positive outcome in weight-loss and weight-maintenance.

Portion Reducer® And Portiongenics Weight Management System for Children

​​Helping Children Live Healthy And Stay Active

We believe  our product and program are the right strategy that will lead to realistic and sustained behavior changes  in children. Our ​weight management program offer an effective and fun approach in helping children eat healthy and stay fit.

Our Portiongenics Weight Management Program will target behaviors that most influence a child's health such as lack or no physical activity,  poor eating behaviors , nutrition and diet.

In the past 30 years, childhood obesity has doubled in children and tripled in adolescents.  Our Portiongenics Weight Management Program for Children promotes healthy eating and physical activity.  A child's diet and activity level play an important role to determine a child's weight.   BMI is used as a screening tool to identify possible weight problem for children. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the American of Pediatrics (AAP) recommend the use of BMI to screen for overweight and obesity in children. 

The Portion Reducer and Portiongenics Weight Management System incorporates the BMI Percentile Chart for Children and Teens.

BMI-For-Age Weight Status Categories​

Weight Status Category


Healthy Weight



Percentile Range

Less than the 5th percentile

5th percentile to less than

the 85 percentile

85th to less than the 95th


 Equal to or greater than

the 95th percentile

2016  Introducing: Portion Reducer and Rotaban Color-coded Multi-Stage Weight Management System

We have developed a novel approach to harness digital health tools to address the health needs in obese and overweight patients.

Imagine a digital device that could:

  • Help patients make smart decisions in eating the right foods
  • Retrain unhealthy eating behaviors
  • Teach patients how to eat in moderation
  • Give patients healthy food options
  • Help patients control their food portions
  • Help patients better manage their illness, health, diet and weight
  • Communicate with patients with feedback and support
  • Keep tract of patient's diet patterns and physical activity

  • Assess and analyze patient's personal and health data and determine the right health and weight management program or treatment for the patient.
  • Give patients preventive care options and more

If you would like to learn more about our Digital Health platform, please contact us.

Excelolife LLC will continue to strive to improve our products to deliver quality care to patients and help save lives.

The Portion Reducer and Rotaban System have a new look. Our new color-coded weight management system is an easier and simple way to portion control.

Excelolife will continue to improve on our products and services to help people live healthier lives.

The Portion Reducer and Rotaban System

Excelolife's Universal Portion Control System

What's great about our product is it's an universal system. It has many health and medical applications. Both products can be used for weight-loss, weight-gain, weight-control, obesity, eating disorders, bariatric treatment and recovery programs, chronic disease prevention and more.

At Excelolife, we believe our portion control system is the key ingredient in helping prevent obesity related diseases such as: cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The Portion Reducer is an easy, simple and healthy way to gradually reduce food intake. Our weight management program focuses on nutrition, eating healthy and physical activity. Our program is geared to the patient's health needs and weight management goals.

The Portion Reducer is our manual retractable, multistage, measuring food portioning apparatus.

The Rotaban System - A New Portion Control Technology.

The Rotaban is an electronic, programmable, multistage, retractable, measuring food portioning apparatus. We believe our product will revolutionize the way people eat.

To learn more about the Portion Reducer or Rotaban System contact us at

Product Update

New Research Application

Cancer Prevention Program through Diet, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Portion Control.

The Adjustable Gastric Banding and Rotaban System new treatment and recovery method to help Bariatric Surgery patients in Aftercare treatment.

We believe the Rotaban System and The Adjustable Gastric Banding method can help improve recovery in patients in Aftercare treatment. A good post-operative diet and aftercare plan are important after surgery, but what happens when the patient is sent home.

The patient is given dietary and nutritional information and advice on what to eat, how much to eat, how to minimize hunger and restrict food intake to promote weight-loss. However, relearning what to eat and how much to eat and living with a band is not an easy task. Some patients may find that before their first fill, they are still able to eat large portions.

How do you ensure patients are not eating too much food after surgery?

In Adjustable Gastric Banding, adjustments are required to achieve ideal benefit of the band for weight-loss. The Rotaban System is a digital electronic device that can be programmed to electronically adjust to restrict food intake to ensure that the patient do not overeat. We believe our product can help maximize the benefits of surgery.

At Excelolife, we believe our new treatment and recovery method will empower patients in maintaining a healthy diet, weight, and become active participants in their care. Also, The Rotaban System will help motivate and give patients the confidence to achieve their weight-loss goals and help successfully improve Bariatric Surgery treatment.

The Rotaban System™ Medical Application.

The New Electronic, External, Restrictive, Non-surgical Medical Device for Food.

The Rotaban electronic food portion measuring band reduces caloric intake and restricts the size of food or limits the amount of food. The Rotaban System could be used as a medical treatment, intervention, and training tool for obese adults and children.

As in Bariatric Surgery, known as restrictive surgery, the procedure restricts the size of the stomach and limits the amount of food that can be eaten during meals. The Rotaban also restricts the size of food that can be eaten during meals. In adjustable gastric banding, the band can adjust to different sizes. Rotaban is an electronic, programmable device that adjusts to different sizes or stages.

As a medical device, we believe the Rotaban System could be an effective alternative in promoting weight-loss and help reduce obesity related illness such as: high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

Although, Pharmaceutical Drugs and Bariatric Surgery are reliable and effective medical and clinical options for serious obesity cases, the Rotaban System could be a potential medical, clinical and therapeutic option in the treatment of obese individuals with BMIs of 30 and above.

We believe the Rotaban would be an affordable medical option for morbidly obese and obese persons.

We are also proud to announce the Portion Reducer is a patented technology.

Rotaban System ™

Simplicity of Healthy Eating


Eat a variety of richly-colored fresh fruit daily. Especially for snacking.

Avoid: Canned or dried fruits when possible.

Some canned or dried fruits may have salt, sugar, or corn syrup.


Eat dark-green vegetables and leafy greens

Eat other vegetables such as: sweet potatoes, carrots, beets, etc.

Avoid: Canned vegetables may have sugar or salt added.

Whole Grains

Eat whole-grain products such as: oatmeal, whole wheat breads, brown rice, and whole grain pastas.

Avoid: White rice, pasta, and potatoes.

Low-Fat Dairy or Water

Low-fat dairy products, water, or no calorie and no sugar juices, drinks, beverages.

Avoid: Sugary juices, drinks and beverages. Avoid: Corn Syrup

Lean meats, fish, and poultry. Eat a variety of healthy protein like beans, nuts, and seeds.

Avoid: red meats processed or packaged and fatty meats.

Canned beans may have sugar or salt added and also some canned or packaged nuts.

Healthy Protein/Lean Protein

Physical Activity 3 to 5 times a week

Incorporate Portion Control/Portion Sizing into your meals.


Use olive or canola

Avoid ingredients with: trans fats, vegetable oils, hydrogenated oils, animal fats, and shortenings


Maintain a low sodium or No sodium diet


No Cholesterol food items


No sugary juices, drinks, and beverages

Drink plenty of water

Stay away from corn syrup

The key to weight management is to focus on eating less and making healthy food choices.

Here are 9 Steps you can take to get started and live a healthier life:

  • Try to eat more fruits and vegetables at every meals, especially for snacking
  • Choose low-fat dairy products
  • Drink plenty of water every day
  • Eliminate eating fatty and fried foods
  • Stop eating fast and junk foods
  • Stop drinking sugary juices, drinks, and beverage
  • Cut-down your sodium intake
  • Watch your Cholesterol intake
  • Incorporate portion control/portion sizing into every meal

Once you start eating less, get moving. Start by making small changes. Try exercising for 10 or 15 minutes a day then each week add 5 minutes to your workout. Write down all the things you eat and drink and the number of minutes you are active.

Keep a dairy; a dairy is one of the best ways to control your weight and keep it off. Make a to-do-list and add one new change a week.

Making small changes in your life is hard in the beginning. Don't give up, keep at it and in time you will master the art of healthy living.

  • Portion Control/Gradual Portion Reduction Method
  • Healthy menus and meal plans
  • Regular exercise program

  • Reduction in caloric intake
  • Family and peer pressure support groups

At Excelolife LLC, we will continue to make technological advances and develop cutting-edge products to bring our company to the competitive forefront in the weight management marketplace.

For more information about our weight management program for children please call 800-335-3185 or email:

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