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​Obesity and Eating Disorders Product Breakthrough:

Portion Reducer®, 3-IN-1 GPRRM SYSTEM

Through extensive product research, we have developed a new method and system of weight-management. We are proud to announce our new product, Portion Reducer®, 3-IN-1 GPRRM SYSTEM.

Our scientific portion control measuring apparatus, namely Portion Reducer®, can be used for individuals who suffer from anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge-eating or compulsive-eating disorders.

The Portion Reducer®, 3-IN-1 GPRRM SYSTEM (GRADUAL PORTION REDUCTION, GRADUAL PORTION RESTORATION/RECOVERY, AND MAINTENANCE SYSTEM) also can be utilized by healthcare professionals for weight-loss, weight-gain, and weight-maintenance.

Eating disorders and obesity are weight-related problems that are linked to body dissatisfaction and unhealthy dieting. Eating Disorders are serious and complex illnesses that affect 10 million Americans. It is a medical condition characterized by a persistent pattern of dysfunctional eating or dieting behavior.

Due to the psychological, medical, and emotional complexity associated with eating disorders, a person with an eating disorder should be under the direct care and supervision of a doctor.

Portion Reducer®, 3-IN-1 GPRRM Process

Gradual Portion Reduction /Weight-Loss

Gradual Portion Restoration/Recovery Weight-Gain

Maintenance/ Weight Maintenance

The Portion Reducer® is used for Treatment of Eating Disorders as follows:

The Portion Reducer and Portiongenics Weight Management System ® are designed to provide patients or clients with the tools and skills needed to support their weight-loss, weight-gain and weight-management goals.

How the Portion Reducer®, 3-IN-1 GPRRM SYSTEM will help clients and patients reach their weight management goals.

Gradual Portion Reduction Method


Teaches clients how to consume an adequate portion- size meal for weight-loss

Promotes physical activity at normal level for weight-loss

Gradual Portion Restoration/Recovery Method


Teaches patients how to consume an adequate portion- size meal for weight-gain

Promotes physical activity level based on medical status, psychological status, and nutritional intake for weight-gain

Maintenance Method

How to consume an appropriate, varied diet to maintain ideal weight or normal healthy weight range permanently

Teaches patient or client how to consume an adequate nutritional meal at home and follow recommendations regarding physical activity

What makes our Weight Management System different from our Competitors?

We are the first weight management company to develop a weight management system that incorporates the Portion Reducer and a comprehensive weight management program called "Portiongenics."

Portiongenics ® is a weight-management program that:

  • Teaches you the size of a normal portion
  • Uses the gradual portion control process
  • Target healthy, behaviors aimed at weight control
  • Normalize eating behaviors
  • Ensure adequate caloric intake
  • Focuses on eating and exercise behavior
  • Can be used to design healthy menus and meal plans
  • Promotes physical activity at a normal level

Excelolife LLC is committed in finding ways to combat the obesity epidemic in the United States and globally. We will continue to develop and improve our products to help people live healthy lives.

Please call 800-335-3185 for more information about our products and discoveries or e-mail us at

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